A Soft Landing

Who can help?

Soft Landings, Solutions for Seniors wants to make sure you settle in to your new home with a smile on your face. We truly want to take care of the details for you.

You don’t want to set up the new utilities? Send out address change cards? Notify your doctors? We can help! Additional services include document gathering, archiving family photos and videos, and electronic storage of important papers. When your moving day arrives, Soft Landings will be on site to be sure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

After you have moved, we will help arrange for dispersal of unneeded items. This can include arranging for items to be picked up and shipped to family members, moved into storage, donated, recycled, or sold through our professional network of antique dealers, consignment shops, estate liquidators and internet sales specialists. When everything of value is removed, we arrange for the disposal of remaining items, cleaning or other services to prepare the residence for sale or rent.

Don’t know who to use for a real estate agent? We can help. We have experience working with Senior Real Estate Specialists and can set up appointments for you before or after you move.

One of the driving forces of Soft Landings is to make sure you or your loved one is doing well after our job is complete. We sincerely want to maintain our relationship with you well past your move. You will hear from us at regular intervals to see how things are going and to listen to your concerns and joys. Our compassionate professionals will support you and be your advocate. We want your Soft Landing to last.