Senior Assistance

How do we decide what to move?

Much more than a moving company, Soft Landings offers solutions for all of your transition needs. We understand the needs of seniors and assist with all the details of of planning and making the move.  You can spend quality time with your loved ones during this stressful time, let us handle the work.

We will plan out your move with your input and provide you with a detailed timeline.  It is our goal for you to use us as your contact for all phases of your move.  No need for you to call all the people involved to make this move possible for you, just call us.


What you can expect during “The Move” 

Phase 1 – Sorting and Packing

After everything is sorted,  Soft Landings will come to your home 1 – 2 days before the move to pack.  We bring all the necessary supplies including boxes, tape, paper and markers.  Soft Landings professionals will work rapidly but carefully to pack all your treasures.  Unlike traditional movers, we do not pack trash and unwanted items.  We  label each box with a description and the destination room to aid in the unpacking process.

Your contracted movers will move all of the boxes, furnitures and pack all valuable and breakable items the day of the move.

Soft Landings will pack to the point where things are ready but you can still live in your house.  Last minute items in the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen are left for move day.  You will have adequate lighting and we will keep everything out of walking paths to ensure your safety.

Phase 2 – Move Day

Our caring professionals will arrive before the movers.  While the movers are busy loading the truck, we quickly finish the last minute packing.

At your new residence, Soft Landings will rapidly work to unpack the basics of the kitchen and bath.  We will make your bed, and ensure a safe environment to complete your Soft Landing.



Identifying your new home

Developing an overall plan

Organizing and sorting

Customizing your floor plan

Coordinating new utilities

Address change updates

Arranging the estate sale

Archiving family photos

Scheduling and overseeing movers

Arranging shipments and storage

Unpacking, arranging the new home

Realtor selections

Document gathering

Cash flow analysis

Donating items, gifting to loved ones

Making sure the new home is ready

Download: downsizing tips

Whether you’re an empty nester, elderly couple or a caring adult child, Soft Landings can help you sort your belongings to fit them into a more comfortable lifestyle for your family. Our team will help sort, pack, and move what fits.  We can arrange for the sale, storage or shipment to loved ones of everything else.