Downsizing? Need help moving? A Senior Move Manager can help.

Jul 15, 2014

Making decisions for loved onesMany people aren’t aware there are downsizing and moving experts who specialize in helping seniors through the process.  They not only understand all of the physical and emotional issues our “Great Generation” face, they truly enjoy helping them through a downsize or move.

Meet Lucy.  She is in her 90’s.  Many years ago she lost her husband, but had been managing quite well on her own.  Recently, she had a change in her health and had become quite lonely in her long time family home.  She knew she wanted to move to a retirement community that could provide the support and comradery she needed but where to start?

Decades of memories, treasures, and just plain stuff overwhelmed her and prevented her from making the move. What would move with her? What would go to the children? What would be sold or donated? Her adult children were scattered and not readily available to help sort through everything and pack.

Lucy looked to a “Senior Move Manager”, a trademarked term for professionals who help seniors downsize and/or move.  These professionals can help seniors through the entire process.  Some only help sort, pack, and unpack.  Others, like Soft Landings, provide full service to seniors.

These professionals can assist with determining what will make the move, what will actually fit in the new home, and what shouldn’t make the move. Senior move managers help the seniors make decisions when the adult children either are not able to or don’t have the time; or if there are no adult children at all. They can find the right people to sell valuables, call to have a dumpster delivered, and basically help get everything out so the house is ready to sell.

Soft Landings is a senior move manager and more.  Our founder has been a Certified Public Accountant and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ for over 25 years.  This gives us unique insight into the financial decisions that come along with a downsizing move as well.  One of the first steps we take with clients is talking about all of their wants and needs and how these wants and needs can be met.

Are you ready to downsize? We want to help.