Did you know we can help you stay in your home longer?

Oct 29, 2019

The NASMM @Home program allows you to Downsize. Simplify. Stay At Home. Many of our clients are ready to move but many would prefer staying at home a little while longer.

With that in mind, Realtor.Com published a great article featuring Mary Kay Busse, our NASMM Executive Director, “5 Home Upgrades Baby Boomers Love That Are Sure to Add Value”

Baby boomers are the largest generation ever to retire (at around 74 million strong), and they’re continuing to alter just about everything in their wake — not the least of which are the real estate and design worlds. When it comes to amenities and home upgrades, the members of the “me generation” know exactly what they want for their forever homes, and that matters to home builders and sellers looking to appeal to the widest audience.

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