Covid-19 Safety Policy

Apr 27, 2020

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to let you know what we are doing to keep our team healthy and to reduce exposure to you and your community. While we have always had guidelines in place for cold and flu season, we thought it best now to let you know the extra precautions we are taking.

Our team actively monitors their own health and receives a flu vaccination every year.

We will begin washing our hands immediately upon entering our client’s residence. It will not matter if we are sorting, packing, unpacking, decluttering or settling in. We will let the resident know why we are taking that precaution.

Our team carries hand sanitizer and bacterial wipes in their work bags. In addition, it has always been standard practice for us to wear gloves while working in bathroom areas.

We have enough staff in place to cover should we have a team member unable to work due to illness.

• We will wear masks while working in a client’s home and in a community.
• We will wear gloves when requested. However, the CDC recommends frequent hand washing.
• We will practice 6 feet of social distancing while packing and unpacking.
• We are not currently working with families who know they have been exposed to Covid-19.

We promise to:

Remain calm. As with any situation, it is important to remain calm to ensure responses are measured and appropriate.

Stay informed. Follow trusted sources of information, including the various COVID-19 dedicated websites for the CDC, the WHO, OSHA, and also local governmental health and public safety organizations

Be prepared. Be sure to follow the steps that have been laid out.

Communicate. Be sure to communicate plans and information to all involved, including employees, clients, and family members.

We are ready to help with you or your clients needs whether it’s staying in place for now, active decluttering, preparing the home for sale and/or the actual downsize and move.

We take the safety of our employees, clients, and communities very seriously.  Please let me know if you have any questions or have any additional information to share with us.

Theresa Pritchett, Founder