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February 2020

How is your Sniffer???

Can a Sniff Test Rule out Alzheimer’s? Researchers have known for years that the sense of smell is one of the first areas of the brain impacted by Alzheimer’s. That’s why people with early-stage Alzheimer’s often lose the ability to distinguish odors before memory symptoms get noticed. A new study shows that Seniors who perform […]

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Feb 10, 2020

Senior Living Begins a ‘Decade of Disruption’?

As recession fears let up and historically low occupancy trends turn positive, the senior living industry may be able to rest a little easier about its prospects for 2020 — but it shouldn’t rest on its laurels, either. Many firms remain bullish on senior living. “I think [this year] will continue to be filled with […]

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The Awkward Heirloom: No One Wants Grandma’s Fur

Families with vintage fur coats are grappling with a generational divide over an issue also roiling fashion and politics. WSJ write Ryan A. Smith tackled this question. The article is full of great advice including what today’s generation will do with the fur.  “A vintage fur that you are unlikely to wear doesn’t have to […]

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Feb 04, 2020

NASMM in the Wall Street Journal!

NASMM in the Wall Street Journal on Friday! “The Torturous Task of Downsizing” made easier & more enjoyable with a #SeniorMoveManager! Downsizing is hard. But the clean, clutter-free results are worth it. Read the entire article now. Downsizing Your Home Is Hard. How to Decide What’s Worth Keeping.

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January 2020

Jan 22, 2020

A New TV Series on the Upside of Downsizing!

Must-see TV! Check out Matt Paxton‘s new show on downsizing the family home! It’s terrific…if you enjoy real-life stories of families, their shared history, and the memories & mementos that bind them. ‘Legacy List’ shows that moving out is about memories, not money. Also, here’s a great article that appeared in Next Avenue a few days ago about the show.

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Stop! Don’t put those unwanted gifts in the closet

Did you get a gift over the holidays that you really don’t want? Rather than putting the gift in storage or in your closet, try one of these great ideas! Sell on ebay, craigslist or facebook marketplace Regift to someone who will love it Return for store credit Donate to a charity Swap them with […]

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