Are you ready to downsize?

Sep 08, 2014

Are you ready to downsize? Baby boomers are increasingly ready to ditch the longtime family home for the convenience of retirement communities.

However, there is a big difference in ready to move and actually doing it.  Many factors may prevent seniors from moving even if it is their desire. The number one reason is the overwhelming task of sorting through all of the household belongings.

Good news! There are downsizing and moving experts who specialize in helping seniors through the process.  Not only do they understand all of the physical and emotional issues seniors face, they also enjoy helping them through a downsize or move.

Let us introduce you to Frank and Kelly, both in their late sixties.  They had lived in their home for the past 30 years and were ready to move to a continuing care community. They needed help with finding the right fit and someone to direct them with how and in what order to get things accomplished.

The first step was finding the right place. The second was deciding what would fit into the new place. The last, help with the actual move. They turned to a Senior Move Manager, a trademarked term for professionals who help seniors downsize and/or move.  These professionals can help seniors through the entire process.  Some only help sort, pack and unpack.  Others, like Soft Landings, provide full service to seniors.

These professionals can assist with finding the new home, determining what will make the move, what will actually fit in the new home, and what shouldn’t make the move.  Senior move managers help sort with compassion and efficiency.  They have gentle guidance with what to keep, sell, or toss. They can find the right people to sell valuables, call to have a dumpster delivered, and basically help get everything out so the house is ready to sell.

Frank and Kelly say that having a Senior Move Manager’s help was invaluable. Most importantly, allowing a senior move manager to help with the move freed up time so they could spend more quality time with their children and grandchildren rather than focusing on all the action items. They allowed the senior move manager to take care of all of the details and the worry.

Soft Landings offers these services and more.  Our founder has been a Certified Public Accountant and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ for over 25 years.  This give us unique insight into the financial decisions that come along with a downsizing move as well.  One of the first steps we take with clients is talking about all of their wants and needs and how these wants and needs can be met.

Do you need help just getting started or help with the entire process? We are ready to help you.