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Solutions for all of your transition needs.
Much more than a senior moving company.
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You can spend quality time with your loved ones
during this stressful time, let us handle the work.
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We support you and your aging parents before, during, and after
the move, making the move as stress-free as possible.
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Committed to serving your family with personal care
and compassion, so that your loved ones have a Soft Landing.

Ready for your Soft Landing?

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Thank you for not only performing the many tasks of sorting, organizing and packing, but for also being an extra sister and daughter who came to help with getting the work done. You stepped in at a time when compassionate help is just what we needed for me and my parents.


We think it is admirable what you are doing! And hugely timely. Our culture is into the age of providing and receiving services, and most especially, we seniors are into the needing end of that equation. Blessings on your venture.


Soft Landings, Solutions for Seniors has been invaluable to my senior clients. Their transition from the family home to a more manageable smaller home seemed effortless with their help.


I have nothing but positive remarks about Theresa Giddings. Not only does she provide services with a smile, I know that I have invested in a competent, caring, compassionate individual. She has completed many projects for me on time in the utmost professional manner. I would highly recommend this individual and Soft Landings for ANY needs you may have, you will be in good hands!!!


I have known Theresa for many years, in both a work and personal setting. From the day we first met at a conference for retirement planners, I’ve been impressed with her passion for helping others and her willingness to stand up for what she thinks is right and put her clients best interest first. In addition to being very smart and experienced in accounting and retirement planning, Theresa has a real ability to connect with people on a personal level. She cares. And because of this, I know her next endeavor working with transitioning seniors at Soft Landings will be a huge success!


I have done business with Theresa for many years. She is diligent, compassionate, and reliable. It is hard to find someone who you can give a problem to and they will follow through to help you in any way they can. Theresa is such a good person and so much more. She will get the job done and done well.


Thank you for making this difficult project so much less painful for me. After my father’s death, followed by my mother’s, I just didn’t know where to begin. I sincerely appreciate your professionalism and compassion.